Beginning Sounds

I have never been a big fan of worksheets(they bore me) so I always tried to come up with substitutes that would still cover the standards, involve the kids actively, and allow me to have fun too! Of course, I usually made it harder on myself-but we had a good time. I took the worksheet pictures, cut them apart, handed them to the kids, and we went through the process of deciding which alphabet letter they started with-then we would put them under the appropriate letter on the hall wall. We did a few at a time, so it was a long process.

We also made a name graph while working with our names-we sorted our names by beginning sounds and made a word wall chart/graph to hang in the hall.


Names Activities

Names are a very important way to teach the alphabet for kinders-they are real connections they can make instead of letters that have no meaning for them. When I taught Kindergarten I always did LOTS of names activities. I will upload pictures of the games/lessons that we did with our names as I find them.

We would count the letters in our name(I gave them a card with their name on it) and then we would sort them according to the number of letters in each name.

We also made a graph for the letters in our names.

Nursery Rhyme Family Night

In September of my 6th year of teaching Kindergarten I held a nursery rhyme family night at school. I set up stations for the kids and their parents to go to where they made a craft, played a game, etc. It was so much fun!!! The kids performed some nursery rhymes for the parents, we had a cracker jack estimation contest, etc. I will post the pictures as I find them on my laptop(they have been very organized!!!). For now, I am uploading a couple of the pictures that I took of the kids with their parents(I developed these and gave them to parents). Overall, this family night was probably one of the best things that I did when I taught Kindergarten! 🙂

1st Day of School

As you may all know I am now teaching 6th grade after teaching Kindergarten for 6 years-that is why I have not updated or posted anything to this blog!! However, my goal is to get all of my pictures uploaded to this blog so it can sort of “look” finished anyway! 🙂

The 1st day of Kindergarten is ALWAYS crazy with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, kids, dogs (nah-just joking) in the room taking pictures, asking questions, chatting, running around, etc. 🙂 Our school has always been wonderful about letting our kids NOT stay the 1st day of school. They bring their supplies, fill out some forms, and GO BACK HOME!! Here are a few pictures of some simple things that I did to make life easier. I had them fill out a sheet to let me know if their child was a bus rider or car rider.

I also went ahead and created an envelope exactly like the one that I wanted them to fill out for the rest of the year when they send money for their child whether it is lunch, snack, field trip, etc. 

Even when you think parents should understand what you TELL them, it is always good to SHOW them! 🙂


Moving to 6th grade

It is official!! I will be teaching 6th grade next year-Reading, language, spelling,and writing! I am so excited! 🙂 However, I am sad as well. I have taught Kindergarten for 6 years and I know that I will miss their innocence, their cuteness, and the progress that they make in such a short time! 🙂

So, I may not post that many more posts on this blog-but, I am going to try and upload ALL of my pictures of my thematic activites/ lessons. I am also going to TRY and upload more documents on my website:

Then, I am going to try and create either a website or blog for my new 6th grade classroom!!

Stay tuned for more! 🙂


I just now placed an order for our live caterpillars. I have done this for the past couple of years with my kinders. We get about 5 live caterpillars and watch their transformation into butterflies, and then we release them. They are fascinated with this and love it!!!! I just hope that I have not waited too late this year to be able to see them change!! 🙂 The website is or the phone# is 800-548-3284. The caterpillars cost 14.99-my total with shipping was 20.98.

Math Games Website

I just found this great website that has printable math games for many concepts for grades K-5. Here is the link!!